32 inch delta star led ultra high definition screen

514.78 SAR 391.30 SAR

The best TV screen, giving you a wonderful and distinctive vision with attractive and modern colors, with a 32-inch HD LED screen. Enjoy watching everything you want. Available now at the Smart Stars store at a special and special price. Get it now before stocks run out.

product specification

  • Product type: the best TV screen.

  • TV screen size: 32 inches.
  • Port: HDMI.
  • Resolution: 1366 * 768.
  • black color .
  • Response time: 6.5 MN.
  • Edges: thin.

Features of the Nikai 32 Inch Ultra HD LED Monitor:

  • The best TV screens are characterized by being made in the best and most accurate modern ways.
  • Gives you distinctive and exclusive colors.
  • It is not harmful to the eye because it is made with high precision.
  • The screen has an attractive and modern black color that fits all modern home decorations and adds a delicate and elegant touch to the place you are in.
  • You can put it at home or work offices.
  • It has a distinctive and attractive vision similar to cinema screens.
  • Enjoy watching all football matches, movies and series in very high quality.
  • Suitable for all age groups.
  • Very easy and quick to operate.
  • You can hang it on the wall or put it on a table.
  • The screen has thin and delicate bezels, which gives it a distinctive and very elegant exterior
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  • 514.78 SAR 391.30 SAR
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