نادكو رسيفر/جهاز استقبال الأقمار الصناعية NC30R

جهاز {NADCO} استقبال البث الفضائي

43.47 SAR

A satellite receiver industry, now get the best receiver device for the future of the satellites and the quality of professional possibilities are very high.

product specification

Usage: receiver.

Section: Receivers and accessories

Product name: ADCO NC30R . Satellite Receiver


Features of satellite receiver

  • A distinctive device with high-quality professional capabilities.
  • It is made of high quality electrical insulating materials and has all the modern capabilities you need.
  • The satellite receiver has a distinctive and wonderful design that fits with all TVs.
  • Very fast and powerful response.
  • Satellite receiver is your ideal choice for the best satellite receiver of all kinds.
  • We have available at discounted prices that do not accept any competition and the best means of shipping and delivery.

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  • 43.47 SAR