(PW01) Adapter

21.25 SAR

Electric power transformer, and your oven is the best electric power transformer with a simple and attractive design and highly professional materials made to withstand the power of electricity.

product specification

Usage: power adapter.

Section: Receivers and accessories

Product Name: (PW01) Adapter

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Features of electrical power transformer

  • Triple converter with very high quality capabilities.
  • An electrical transformer works on the flow of electricity
  • Coated with one of the best electrical insulating materials
  • It has a long cord for ease of use.
  • It is black in color, which is compatible with many devices.
  • The electric power transformer is fast in use, and the electricity passes smoothly and excellently in the fastest time.
  • We have very low prices with the best delivery and shipping methods.
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  • 21.25 SAR