Dansat 65 Inch Smart LED TV 4K with Wall Mount DTE6520BU

1,669.57 SAR

The best Dansat screen, shop now the best screens with high-quality speakers with a clear and very distinctive picture from our smart store at the best prices in the market and safe and fast delivery to the door of the house.

Specifications of the best Dansat screen

  • Section: Screens
  • Brand: Dansat
  • Product Name: Dansat 65 Inch Smart LED TV 4K TV with Wall Mount DTE6520BU
  • Size: big
  • Black Color


Features of the best Dansat screen

  • Equipped with a very fast and accurate processor to not remove noise.
  • Color processing to create more vibrant and clear contrast colors.
  • Screen with clear and perfect multi-dimensional sound to contain a built-in speaker inside the TV so you can get it from all angles.
  • The screen is thin with a wonderful aesthetic décor design with a narrow frame from side to side to give it a beautiful and elegant shape.
  • The best Dansat monitor contains a speaker with 2 HDMI ports and a USB port.
  • Made of the best types and high-quality materials, with a professional design and very high experience.
  • Multilingual screen with easy to handle playlists.
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  • 1,669.57 SAR

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