فيش الراديو المطور-- (القرآن الكريم )

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The developed radio chip, enjoy playing the Noble Qur’an always and constantly in your home or workplace easily and quickly, and also in a distinctive and clear voice with the advanced radio chip -- (the Holy Quran), available in our store at a special and special price for all our valued customers, be quick to get it Before stock runs out

Developed Radio Fish Specifications--(The Holy Qur'an)

  • Product type: upgraded radio socket.
  • the color is white .
  • Brand: Al Hilali.
  • The number of entrances: 3.
  • Supports the bluetooth feature.

Features of the developed radio chip--(The Holy Qur'an)

  • The developed radio chip: It is distinguished by being made of the best and most accurate materials so that it suits everyone and all places.
  • It has a small size and light weight as it is easy to carry and carry it to any place.
  • It contains 3 inputs: (USB), (memory input) and (AUX).
  • The USB port works to insert and operate the audio flashes.
  • The AUX input is distinguished for the operation of other and various devices on the headphones.
  • The memory input has MB3 audio playback.
  • It is characterized by the fact that it supports the Bluetooth feature to play other files.
  • It comes with a remote control to facilitate remote control and is multi-use.
  • You can set it to the automatic shutdown feature after (30, 60 or 120) minutes.
  • It gives you running what you want and spinning without stopping.
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  • 117.40 SAR 86.09 SAR

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