Impex screen, 58 inch, 4K UHD resolution, black color IMPEX

1,495.65 SAR 1,390.43 SAR

The best type of screen , characterized by distinctive and exclusive colors, enjoy watching everything you want in high quality with an Impex screen, 58 inches, 4K UHD resolution, available now at the Smart Start store at a special and exclusive price

product specification

  • Product type: the best screen type.
  • Brand: Impex.
  • Screen size: 58 inches.
  • Resolution: 4k.
  • black color .
  • Edges: thin.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

Features of Impex Screen, 58 inch, 4K UHD Resolution

  • The best type of screen is characterized by being made of the best and finest types.
  • It comes in a distinctive exterior and thin edges.
  • It gives your home a wonderful and attractive appearance, which everyone turns to.
  • It suits all different tastes.
  • It features a smart LED screen.
  • It gives you distinctive and modern colors that make you enjoy watching your favorite movies.
  • It is designed with precision and high quality to work on full HD display and high quality.
  • Make you enjoy watching at home as if you were in the cinema.
  • It has Wi-Fi support.
  • It features a two-year warranty, but the warranty does not include abuse.
  • The display has a wide angle and is comfortable for the eye.
  • It is distinguished by a distinctive and high lighting that suits the eye and is comfortable for it and does not cause it any harm.
  • It gives you a very high and strong color.
  • Impex screen, 58 inches, 4K UHD resolution is an ideal and very suitable choice.
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  • 1,495.65 SAR 1,390.43 SAR
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