Impex Smart Screen, 60 inch, runs Android 9, 4K UHD resolution IMPEX

1,477.39 SAR

The best smart screens, enjoy seeing and watching your favorite movies and series in exclusive and distinctive colors with the Impex Smart Screen, 60 inch, available now in our store at a special and special price for all our customers. Hurry up to get it

Specifications of Impex Smart TV, 60 inch

  • Product type: the best smart screens.
  • Brand: Impex.
  • Screen size: 60 Smart.
  • Warranty: 2 years.
  • Screen color: black.
  • Resolution: 4k.
  • Operating system: Android.

Features of Impex Smart TV, 60 Inch

  • The best smart screens are made with the best materials.
  • It has thin edges.
  • The screen is smart and runs on the Android system.
  • The screen has a remote control system.
  • It gives you exclusive and distinctive colors and a clear and wonderful image.
  • It is safe on the eye and distinctive and does not cause any harm.
  • It works on full HD display and high quality.
  • Enjoy watching movies at home as if they are movie screens and there is no difference.
  • Supports Wi-Fi feature.
  • The display screen has a wide angle and is comfortable.
  • It has a loud, strong and pure sound.
  • Provides you with contrast and attractive clarity.
  • Suitable for modern homes.
  • It comes in a distinctive black color that adds an elegant and delicate touch to your home.
  • Choosing an Impex Smart Screen, 60 inches is an ideal and appropriate choice to enjoy a wonderful and distinctive light.
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  • 1,477.39 SAR

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