يد تحكم بلايستيشن 4 ماركة ASA

130.43 SAR 104.35 SAR

Playstation 4 controller, Enjoy playing video games easily and very quickly with the ASA PlayStation 4 controller, our store offers it to you at a special and exclusive price for all our customers, get it quickly before stocks run out

Specifications of the PlayStation 4 controller, ASA brand

  • Product type: PlayStation 4 controller.
  • The color is blue / black / maroon.
  • Brand: ASA (SIS).
  • Compatible with the PlayStation version: 4.
  • Usage: console.

Features of the PlayStation 4 controller brand ASA

  • The PlayStation 4 controller has been designed with precision and high quality of the best types.
  • It lasts with you for a very long time and is easy and fast to use.
  • It comes in more than one color, which gives it a distinctive and elegant appearance.
  • It contains a USB connection to recharge it again.
  • Its battery is made with high precision to last for a long time.
  • It gives you fast and distinctive gameplay.
  • Suitable for young and old.
  • It has a comfortable and soft feel to the hand.
  • It is distinguished by its distinctive and attractive external appearance, which is accepted by many people.
  • Enjoy playing your favorite games at an excellent speed with the ASA PlayStation 4 Controller.
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  • 130.43 SAR 104.35 SAR

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