RG6U Cable NC-30C

17.39 SAR

Connection cables, we offer you the best connection cables made of high quality materials, high speed data transfer speed and excellent use.

Connecting cables specification

Usage: connecting cables.

Section: screen accessories

Product Name: RG6U Cable NC-30C

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Features of connecting cables

  • Made of high quality materials that transmit data quickly.
  • The most ideal product for installing network cables.
  • Versatile with excellent data transfer cable.
  • Fast spreading duplex cables.
  • Connecting cables, the ideal choice, an excellent original cable.
  • Suitable for home use, Internet networks and large companies.
  • Equipped with sturdy clips for strong connection.
  • Product coated with superior heat insulating protection.
  • Available at very special prices and the best means of delivery and shipping to your doorstep.
Remained 20
  • 17.39 SAR

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