Razer Kraken - سماعة ألعاب سلكية رايزر

304.35 SAR 260 SAR

The best wired headset, now get the maximum enjoyment when watching movies or videos or playing video games and even when listening to music and chatting with friends through the best and very comfortable wired headset that provides you with pure and clear sound to get a high degree of purity and clarity..

Razer wired gaming headset specifications

  • Product type: best wired headphone
  • Target group: women and men
  • Brand - Brand: Razer Kraken
  • Color: Only available in green with black
  • Headphone type: wired headphone
  • Cable Size: 3.5 mm
  • Film size: 50mm
  • Uses: The headset is compatible with many platforms such as computers, mobile devices, switch, ps4, xbox one.

Razer wired gaming headset features

  • The headset features a one-way retractable microphone.
  • The headset is characterized by its light weight and flexibility in addition to its high durability so as not to be too pressure on the head.
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  • 304.35 SAR 260 SAR