32 inch Smart TV G.TEN

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The best type of TV screen, makes you enjoy watching what you want with high quality, resolution, distinctive and very modern colors. Our store provides you with a 32-inch smart screen G.TEN at a special and special price for all our customers, get it now before stocks run out

product specification

  • Product type: The best type of TV screen.
  • Brand: G.TEN.
  • TV screen size: 32 inches.
  • Screen type: Smart.
  • Quality: high.
  • Warranty: two years.
  • Edges: thin.

Features of G.TEN Smart TV 32 Inch

  • The best type of TV screen is characterized by being suitable for all different tastes.
  • It has a Smart 4K screen .
  • It gives you high quality while watching football matches, movies, or series.
  • It came with a modern and modern design that suits all tastes of modern homes.
  • You can hang it on the wall or put it on the table, it has a base and hang it.
  • It is distinguished by a distinctive and wonderful black color that matches all decorations.
  • It was designed with the best and finest types to suit all.
  • It gives you modern and distinctive colors that are comfortable to the eye and do not cause it any kind of harm.
  • Adds an elegant and gentle touch to the room or the place where it is located.
  • The G.TEN Smart TV 32 inch is an ideal and very suitable choice for being in your home or workplace.
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  • 713.04 SAR 626.09 SAR

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