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سوني جهاز بلاي ستيشن 3 500 جيجابايت مع جهاز تحكّم دوال شوك 4

504.35 SAR

The best PlayStation 3, enjoy playing games with ease and a clear and distinctive color image with the Sony PlayStation 3 500 GB, available now at the Smart Start Store at a great and special price

Sony PlayStation 3 500GB Specifications:

  • Product type: the best playstation 3.
  • Device color: black.
  • Device capacity: 500 GB.
  • Brand: Sony.
  • Fish: thin.
  • Contains a DualShock 3 controller.

Sony Playstation 3 500GB Features:

  • The best PlayStation 3 enjoys being designed with the best and finest types.
  • Enjoy playing all the exclusive and distinctive games loved by children and adults.
  • It is distinguished by the fact that it comes with a DualShock 4 controller.
  • The best PlayStation has a capacity of 500 GB where it is easy for you to store all the data you need.
  • It contains wifi.
  • It also has an HDMI input.
  • It comes with a joystick.
  • You can play your favorite games.
  • Enjoy a clear, sweet and distinctive image.
  • The device has a large capacity as it is fast during use and does not slow down.
  • It is characterized by being easy and fast to operate and suitable for all age groups.
  • Enjoy spending leisure time with friends using the best PlayStation.
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