Balan Wonderworld game for PS4 digital video game console

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  • Polygon described Balan Wonder World as a 3D platform game "with a musical flair". [2] Balan's Wonder World follows two characters, Leo Craig and Emma Cole, while they follow Maestro[3] Balan through the Wonder World, a world that fuses the illusory world with reality. [4
  • Over 80 different outfits can be collected, giving each outfit different abilities for the player character. [4] The player can hold up to three costumes at a time, and when the player is hit while wearing a costume, he will lose the costume, and will be asked to restart the stage if he takes damage with all costumes lost. [6] They can change their clothes at the checkpoints. The game includes a series of 12 stages.
  • The game includes a large world called Times Island. Dates and creatures in this world can feed on the drops to change their colors. Times can help the player with their abilities depending on their colors. [8] [10] [11] [12] The game also includes a shooting mode, allowing players to take pictures at unusual angles during normal gameplay.

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  • 156.52 SAR 108.70 SAR