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MineCraft PS4

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Explore an open world waiting to be created by your wits, where you will create a monolithic environment or a fortress to hide from the creatures of the night in Minecraft for PlayStation 4. Your creativity and imagination will allow you to build a world where you can coexist peacefully with others or make the inhabitants tremble as they look at your army . Minecraft for PlayStation 4 offers you a greater reward than the PlayStation 3 Special Edition with a PlayStation Vita Special Edition, which makes you wait for many surprises that exceed your expectations.

  • starter pack
  • The critically acclaimed Minecraft game is now available on the PlayStation 4 gaming platform. Create your own game, build whatever you want, explore the world, and conquer sites
  • Minecraft is an open world game that gives the player great freedom to choose the style of game he likes
  • Craft all kinds of equipment from boats to shields and build various massive buildings and edifices

Unique multiplayer gaming experience

The vibrant landscapes of the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft allow you to rely on your imagination to build multiple items that can give you an edge when you're out and about trying to cross the horizon of this open world. Design anything from a boat to a large castle or better yet, build an entire city to your liking as you delve into the immersive gaming experience of this exciting game. You will have the ability to explore on your own and build as you see fit or tag along with a group of seven friends for a fun-filled multiplayer experience.

intense gameplay

intense gameplay

You can stay at home at night or explore the vast lands of the world of Minecraft during the day, as the game is full of interesting events during the day. Roam and dig the mines for gems or hidden treasures during the day to complete the harvest cycle. Night time is a time of panic and fear when monsters come out to wreak havoc on your land. You can stay in or out of the underground tunnels in search of special items that may help you against the bad guys at night.


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  • 139.13 SAR 104.35 SAR