Dansat Smart TV 50 inch 4k Smart DANSAT

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Dansat Smart LED TV 50 inch is one of the best smart screens ever, which is characterized by many features, all you have to do is order the product from our smart store to have it delivered to your door with ease.

Dansat Smart TV Specifications

  • Screen size: 50 inches.
  • Type: smart screen.
  • Screen technology: LED.
  • Brand: Dansat.

Features of Dansat Smart TV 50 inch

  • The screen is a pleasure to see more details thanks to the HDR technology.
  • Her photos are closer to reality because of the Purcolour technology.
  • It has a lot of shadow detail with UHD Dimming feature.
  • The screen has content synchronization and smart viewing with the ability to share it.
  • Allows you to view various content items with one Depth technology.
  • It has very powerful audio ports.
  • High quality, high definition image.
  • The screen size is suitable for placement anywhere, whether home or office.
  • Its black color is distinctive, worthy of any decor in the place.
  • Supports YouTube, Wi-Fi, Netflix, Watch.
  • It can be registered via Android easily.

Customer reviews on the screen

  • Dansat Smart LED TV 50 inch, the best smart screen I have purchased, I advise you to try it.
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